About Us

We’re Brittany and Janel, twins who live together, work together, and now, own an Etsy Shop—The Printable Pair—together. 

Like so many others, we started working remotely in March 2020 due to the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the switch to working from home, came a number of challenges.

Of course, there were the struggles of being forced together 24/7. We didn’t even have the benefit of office walls separating us during working hours. Instead, we sat at the same dining room table, juggling conference calls and Zoom meetings. It was over those Zoom meetings that the idea for our shop was born.

Like many teams that went remote for the first time, neither of ours really knew what to do to stay connected. We were used to talking and collaborating with our coworkers everyday. Suddenly, we couldn’t just turn around to ask a question or book a conference room for a brainstorm. But we had to stay connected. Enter: weekly Zoom happy hours. 

What Happened Next

The weekly happy hours were fun at first. An hour just to chat and catch up with one another, without talking about deliverables? We weren’t complaining! But after a few weeks, the happy hours became stale. We finished discussing Tiger King, and everyone’s bread recipes had been shared. What could we do to pass the time? And then it came to us-party games! So we started looking for the types of games we played at Bridal Showers and birthday parties, but couldn’t find anything that really fit the workplace – or that wouldn’t get us in trouble with HR. 

And that’s how The Printable Pair was born. We knew we couldn’t be the only people in this predicament. Whether you’re in the office and looking to fill time during yet another coworker’s birthday party, or want to make your Zoom Happy Hours a bit more fun, we’ve got something for you. But our shop extends beyond party games. We create printables and digital downloads with the working woman in mind. From inspirational prints to lift you up during a stressful day, to ice breakers for your next department-wide meeting, we have you covered.

Is there a printable you want that we don’t have listed? Drop us a line. Our goal is to make your life easier, and a little more fun. All while staying HR-approved, of course!

In addition to The Printable Pair, we also run Master Main Street, where we draw on our years of experience to support small business owners.

Brittany and Janel, the Printable Pair, on a hike in California
Brittany and Janel dressed as witches on Halloween when young

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