The Printable Pair


We sell printables and digital products for working women—from HR-approved party games to inspirational artwork.

Let’s face it. You never turn down an office birthday party. Sure, day-old supermarket sheet cake might not be worth breaking your diet for, but 20 minutes of sanctioned time away from your desk?

♪ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… ♪

But by the third party of the month, the routine gets a little old. You’re crammed into a too-small conference room, trying to remember what the new guy in Finance’s name is. All small talk ideas have been exhausted. 

Enter: The Printable Pair 

We’ve been there. That’s how The Printable Pair was born. Tired of boring work parties (especially after we switched to Virtual Happy Hours every week!) we knew we had to do something. Then we had a virtual Bridal Shower for one of our coworkers. Another coworker bought some games from Etsy to play, and we had a great time! The only problem was, a couple of the questions were a *tad* bit inappropriate for work. Not ones to get on the wrong side of HR, we realized we could make something just as fun—but more appropriate for the office.

We started by creating bridal shower-style printable games for virtual and in-person work parties. But having worked from home for six months since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, learned how useful a welcoming home office could be. So we’ve expanded to home office wall art prints, door signs, and even ice breaker activities for work trainings and meetings. Our goal is to make working women’s lives a little easier—and more fun—one printable at a time. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know! We’ll try our best to make it available for you.